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Since starting individual yoga therapy sessions with Ali, I find myself so much more present in my body throughout the day. That has also helped me to notice when I’m holding on—holding on to my breath or holding on to a thought—and to ease that hold. Ali’s gentle, clear guidance has deepened my daily practice in ways that continue to amaze and delight me. Our weekly sessions together are a gift I give myself. Her gentle humor has even persuaded my husband to join us on occasion! That is quite a testament to her talents as an instructor!
— A college professor from Aliquippa
Ali is a gifted and peaceful teacher.
I have learned much from her gentle instruction; my restorative yoga practice has grown as a result
— A business owner from Mt. Washington

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Ali’s sessions have allowed me to regain my sense of self, re-strengthen my pelvic floor, and realign my body/mind/spirit — all areas which have been (let’s just say) “neglected” since having children. She carefully customizes each session to my match my needs and goals, all while offering a gentle heart, a restorative but challenging practice, and a safe environment.
— A working mother of two from Southside
Working one on one with Ali has given me not only a basic understanding of the fundamentals of a physical yoga practice, but a deeper appreciation of the many inter-related yogic healing practices that go hand in hand with yoga such as chakras, mudras, affirmations, and the power of the mind and breath.

My work (with Ali) has helped me delve into a world that was always a bit beyond my grasp- she has such a wonderful way of explaining and leading- but most of all showing how transformative the process of working with the mind and body as one can be. I wish everyone had the opportunity to work with her as I have.
— An artist, and mother of two from Pittsburgh


Ali worked with my elementary students in an emotional support classroom in a Pittsburgh Public School. I never would have believed that kids who had previously been labeled “behavior problems”by others could become so engaged with yoga until I saw it with my own eyes. The way she connected and inspired the students to become more in touch with their breathing, their minds, their bodies and their sense of self has been captivating and even brought me to tears of joy. She was able to calm and quiet thirteen “behavior problem” children who worked to follow her every move. She motivated me and the school staff to incororate her techniques on a daily basis and we saw a noticeable difference. They believed in her and so do I. We all looked forward to her weekly classes to provide a sense of calm and peace among the chaos of life.
— Sara, a Licensed Professional Counselor
Watching Ali work with our girls, who have histories of significant trauma and often find themselves emotionally lost, has been an inspiring and hope-renewing experience. Her compassion, coupled with her expertise and ability to provide techniques that meet our girls exactly where they need to be met, has been the perfect recipe for genuine growth in areas that have been stagnant. I can’t say enough how thankful I am for her and her practice.
— A therapist and yoga enthusiast