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I am a wife, a mom, a yoga teacher, a West Virginia mountain mama, a Steelers fan, a crazy composter and a chocoholic. I am in touch with my inner child, my inner feminist and my inner creative.

I believe in community.
I believe in taking care of one another.
I believe in taking care of ourselves.
I believe in the power of the exhale.

I’ve been practicing yoga since my 20’s, but after the birth of my second son, I experienced extreme complications that left me living in pain and sadness. My life was being controlled by doctors and surgeries. I knew in my heart that yoga had the ability to bring me out of the darkness that I was living in - so I turned to it.

I turned to yoga for self-care, inside and out. I turned to it for breathing, mindful movement, and opening my heart. I turned to it for diving deep inside, finding stillness and peace, and listening to it. For gaining awareness and for gaining true healing.

I turned to Yoga Therapy.

Yoga Therapy helped me get in touch with my own inner energy, my own wisdom, and my own guidance. It let me take control of an overwhelming situation. It let me keep moving forward. Each day. In strength.

I am still living with physical reminders of my illness, but I am thriving.

I work to give my students the tools that will help them better understand the messages that their body sends to them, so that they can thrive too.

Professional Partners

Homeless Children’s Education Fund
UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital
Urban League of Pittsburgh
Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh
Mookshi Wellness Center
BYS Yoga Collective
Market House for Healthy Active Living


Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy
Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapy Training with Leslie Howard
Reiki Master Level Attunement with Alicia Fronzek